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  • Nathan Yoder

Winter 20/21

Here's a playlist for you to enjoy as these dark winter days slowly begin to lighten. It was constructed right before a short retreat on the central Oregon Coast a couple weeks back, so a thread of imagined natural landscapes runs through the music. Think gray ocean skies, old growth groves, the possibility of snow. The tones here are muted and easily blend into the background of any number of indoor activities. But they also sound great through your headphones while out on your hundredth neighborhood walk. However you decide to listen, we hope that the act is calming, but also that the music hints at an eventual end to this hibernation.

Though we bill this site as "a space to discover new sounds" there is a lot of familiar here. You might recognize a number of the artists from 2020 reviews or other DC playlists, but hey, it feels nice to revisit favorites now and again, doesn't it? As with our other playlists, we recommend you play this one straight through, in order, from start-to-finish. This way you end with Harold Budd, which you better believe was intentional. But at 30 songs and 2.5 hours, it's understandable if you need to chop the playlist up, or shuffle it. And yes, we've used Spotify here, but if any of the music resonates with you, be sure to check out the artist's Bandcamp page.


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