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  • Nathan Yoder


Hey there!

I've been pretty quiet on the site this fall, busy with a whole lotta other stuff, but I'd like to offer up an hourlong mix as I'm heading into a three day weekend. Need it bad. The weekend I mean. Well the music too, I suppose.

I've decided to call this mix "Tidewater" - named after the address of our lil shared A-frame on the Alsea River, upriver from Waldport on the Oregon Coast. It's where my wife and I will be relaxing for the next few days, and this mix is meant for that space. Its arc loosely traces an autumnal day on the water, morning into night. And though you won't be in Tidewater with us, maybe you'll catch a scent of the sea, or mist on mossy maples when you listen.

Now that I think about it, this mix serves as a sort of final installment in a Central Coast Trilogy. Wasn't planning on making this a thing, but it just kinda popped into my head so here we are. The first installment dropped back in January 2021 - I made it right before I visited Yachats for the first time. Hey! I'm catching a small music fest down there this weekend! Yachats is really quite the place. Then I offered up a second installment last February. It's timed to match the twisting Route 34 drive through the mountains to our A-frame. Cute, right? And now we've got the last of the three installments - sunup to sundown on the water. Give it a listen below (unshuffled of course). And heck, feel free to revisit the other two as well if you're interested.

I never became savvy enough to figure out how to make a non-Spotify playlist in my seven-plus years of doing this DC thing, so if any of this music appeals to you, buy something directly from the artists themselves. That kind of support goes a long way.

Thanks for reading, and as always, happy listening.


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