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  • Nathan Yoder

Thanks (Again)

July marks sixth months of this iteration of Deepest Currents. As I've previously stated, DC lived in a personal Wordpress blog for a number of years before 2020, but this past January it got new life in this space. The current website fired up a couple months before the pandemic was in full swing, so while it is not technically a "COVID project," I spent much more time with it this spring than originally planned. It's been an adventure.

Just as I did after week one, I wanted to drop a 10-song playlist here to show my gratitude for all of your support. These songs have been rattling around in my brain for the past couple of months, basically since I created those three ill-timed summer playlists in April. A lot has happened since then. Two themes are present in this playlist, which have really defined my recent musical consumption: Black rage/joy, and strangely, an increased interest in field recording textures. Give it an unshuffled listen if curious, and keep coming back to DC to discover new sounds.

Thanks, again.


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