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  • Nathan Yoder

Summer Doze

Each year, as July draws to a close, many teachers (myself included) feel a growing pressure to spend our remaining summer breaks wisely. We filled our June days saying "yes" to every invitation, neglecting to slow down and relax - which is super important before facing a classroom packed with 30+ kids again. Whoops. So come August, we retreat to rivers, to parks, to our backyards, for a precious calm before the storm.

If you're also looking to relax a bit, to "summer doze" for a spell, we've put together a mini mix for that specific purpose. It's only thirty minutes from beginning to end (a perfect nap length), so play it unshuffled with windows open to sunshine or underneath the shade of a tree. Close your eyes and take in some soft, muted tones.

Like past playlists, this one is on Spotify. So if any of the songs or artists resonate with you, head to Bandcamp to buy some music. Thanks, as always, for listening.

*Cover photo was taken at Mt. Rainier NP.


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