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  • Nathan Yoder

Song Premiere: Starlight Assembly - Still Air

Rarely am I nervous when sitting down to construct these premiere pieces, but have to admit that to me, introducing Starlight Assembly in just a paragraph or two feels a bit daunting. About Dominic Appleton (of Breathless and This Mortal Coil), 4AD founder Ivo Watts-Russell once said, "Without exaggeration, Dominic Appleton is by far my favourite living male vocalist." So you see, when tasked with sharing new music by Appleton and famed Italian composer and producer Matteo Uggeri, it's important to get it right. This morning, Deepest Currents is honored to premiere Starlight Assembly's (Appleton + Uggeri's) second single from Starlight And Still Air, which is out in full on October 22nd via Beacon Sound. Still Air is a perfect entry point into the sonic universe which Starlight Assembly has realized together - a song blending a singular vocals with intricately-detailed sampling and mixing.

Starlight Assembly, photo provided by Beacon Sound.

Still Air creeps along at a sluggish grind, Appleton imploring us to hold a moment with our scattered attention, to notice our hearts beating inside our bodies. This mindful practice inspires a dream state, where we ultimately float suspended in a still air. Appleton's message likely resonates with many of his listeners - our collective calls for large-scale reform growing louder each day. This insatiably capitalistic society no longer feels sustainable, and our dying planet would no doubt appreciate a slowing down. And Uggeri's composition reflects a similar mood. The melody drones while Uggeri's percussion sputters in and out, glitching - almost short circuiting. Arrhythmic, perhaps? Trudging towards death, or merely slipping into sleep? Finally, Alessandro Sesana's muted trumpet adds just the right touch to Starlight Assembly's downtempo track. Hear Still Air for yourself below.

Again, Starlight And Still Air will be released completely on October 22nd through Beacon Sound, but today (a Bandcamp Friday), would be a great time to pre-order the album. Find Starlight Assembly's forthcoming album by clicking this link, and while on Bandcamp, make sure to listen to a few more of their already-released songs.


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