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  • Nathan Yoder

Fall 2023 Music Preview

After spending weeks chipping away at that summer music roundup, I've decided to go a different direction for this fall music preview. Below, I've simply listed a handful of albums I've either heard already, or am looking forward to hearing in the coming months, along with their preorder links. I didn't have the time or the energy to type a bunch of words, so click on those Bandcamp pages to read some real liner notes!

But first, a couple of qualifications: This post probably won't be worth much by the end of September, since new music is announced, like, all the time. There are surely a bunch of awesome albums coming out in October and November that I don't even know about yet! Maybe check ACL periodically once we officially reach fall. Also, there ARE a bunch of awesome albums coming out in October and November that I DO know about (and have already listened to), but have not been officially announced yet. So while it's a bummer to not be able to preview those choice selections, just know that there are some real gems coming out later in the season.

Okay, that's enough from me. Here are 19 upcoming albums you should look out for, listed by release date:

August 18th: Taylor Deupree - Eev (Nettwork)

August 25th: Chantal Michelle - 66 Rue L (Warm Winters Ltd.)

September 6th: Gonubie - Signals at Both Ears (Métron Records)

September 8th: Channelers - Generation / Harvest (Inner Islands)

September 8th: Golden Brown - Wide Ranging Rider (Inner Islands)

September 8th: Sparklehorse - Bird Machine (Anti- Records)

Lol I'm 37. This is my shit.

September 8th: Sydney Spann - Sending Up A Spiral Of (Recital)

Damn! Okay. It turns out there is a really good album scheduled for release on September 15th that hasn't been announced yet. It's an all-star collab on Moon Glyph, so keep your eyes peeled for that one in the coming days.

September 22nd: Duffy x Uhlmann - Doubles (Orindal Records)

September 22nd: Laurel Halo: Atlas (Awe)

September 22nd: Loraine James - Gentle Confrontation (Hyperdub)

Yooooo who's going to that Portland show?

September 29th: Armand Hammer - We Buy Diabetic Test Strips (Fat Possum Records)

September 29th: Colin Miller - Haw Creek (Ruination Record Co.)

September 29th: Richard Sears - Appear to Fade (figureight)

Okay, now we're getting into October and November, and remember: there are a lot of albums that haven't been formally announced at the point of this posting, so check around on other music sites once we officially hit fall. Here are a few that I know of, and am able to share publicly:

October 6th: Adeline Hotel - Hot Fruit (Ruination Record Co.)

October 6th: Mary Lattimore - Goodbye, Hotel Arkada (Ghostly International)

October 6th: Sufjan Stevens - Javelin (Asthmatic Kitty Records)

See Sparklehorse comment above.

October 6th: Truth Club - Running From the Chase (Double Double Whammy)

October 27th: Sofia Kourtesis - Madres (Ninja Tune)

Hmmmm yeah, maybe that was a late summer preview after all. Or maybe just a (first half of) fall preview. In any case, there you have it: 19 albums to look forward to in the coming weeks. Like I said, there are so many more yet-to-be-announced, so consider this a taste.

In other news, this will be DC's last post for a while. You might have noticed that I (Nathan) have slowed considerably in recent months, and I can feel the beginning of the end coming on. Deepest Currents has been such a fun project for the past 7+ years, and while I'm not quite done with it yet, I'll probably wind it down here soon.

So come back later in the fall for three more planned posts: 1) a writeup about a very special album out in November that I'm beyond delighted to promote, 2) a final "Album of the Year" countdown, and finally, 3) a very sappy farewell (for now) note from yours truly.

Until then, thanks for reading, and happy listening!



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