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  • Nathan Yoder

Song Premiere: Night Heron - Strangerz

*We should open this post with a quick clarification: Strangerz is out everywhere today, so DC isn't offering an exclusive premiere or anything too exciting like that. Instead, think of this write-up as a spotlight to direct your attention toward an awesome song on a day full of quality releases. Hopefully you don't feel misled by clicking, and if you've made it this far, we suggest that you just stick it out and keep reading. Thanks!

Though their new single is titled Strangerz, those of you steeped in the Portland music scene might consider Night Heron somewhat familiar, at least as far as personnel is concerned. A composite group featuring current and former members of Radiation City, Y La Bamba, Aan, and Reptaliens, Night Heron pools top-tier PDX talent to dabble in tones and moods not often explored by local bands. In a city known for rain, they offer up neon-lit summer night grooves.

Night Heron, provided by Terrorbird Media.

Strangerz was just released a few hours ago, and like Night Heron's previous single, Dreamz, it's a velvet-smooth, sensual jam. Every single sound on the song seems carefully chosen to create a lush, humid atmosphere - from the warm synth textures to the guiro strokes, and the crisp falsetto harmonies to the breathy saxophone. It is expertly written and constructed by Cam Spies and co., and mastered by Kelly Hibbert, who worked with Rhye - a pretty spot-on sound comparison here. The final minute of Strangerz offers a change of pace - a slight rhythm shift into a busy instrumental send-off. But even as the song subtly transforms, Night Heron's overall thematic aim carries right along.

Check out the track below, and know that Night Heron's new album, Instructions For The Night, is out in its entirety on May 14th. A big shout out to Literal Gold, too. They are a new Portland-based label doing it right. Make sure to check them out and give them a follow if you haven't yet.


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