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  • Nathan Yoder

Song Premiere: Marigold Sun - Swimming

If you've ever spent time in a sensory deprivation tank, you know what it's like to feel momentarily weightless - suspended in water, unbothered by external stimuli. As someone with an anxious mind, who tends to struggle with meditative practices, I was surprised when one of these flotation chambers actually put me to sleep. This is simply to say that if a brief-but-relaxing respite is what you crave, this writer 10/10 recommends.

Or, you could preorder Marigold Sun's Swimming, out next month on Seattle's ever-excellent Hush Hush records. This analogy may seem like a bit of a reach, but I kid you not, on his debut album, Singaporean-Australian musician Eric Li Harrison's intent was "to create the feeling of care-free weightlessness that one experiences when floating in salty water." This morning, DC is excited to debut the first single and title track from this forthcoming release.

The song Swimming opens with four warm piano chords, which are repeated across the track. This base melody floats along as notes eventually begin to climb upward. Marigold Sun blends shades of neoclassical, ambient, and downtempo jazz to create this beautiful opener, and as someone who has been fortunate enough to hear the album in its entirety, I can say that this track perfectly sets the tone for what's to come. This is a song premiere, yes, but also consider it a wholehearted album recommendation. Hear Swimming (the song) below. and catch Swimming (the album) on June 25th through this link.

*Cover photo provided by DC - the north Oregon Coast.


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