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  • Nathan Yoder

Song Premiere: Devin Shaffer - Kissing in the Park

We hate to lean on comparisons too much here, especially comparisons between active artists, but the technique can be useful when introducing a musician who is relatively new to the scene. Devin Shaffer's debut, titled In My Dreams I'm There, is set to be released next month through American Dreams Records, and in a few ways, her album reminds us of this one we loved back in February. There are the parallel dreamy titles, sure, but the less-obvious comparison lies within how the albums are presented. Both works have such interesting arcs, shifting in and out of focus like, well, dreams. There are songs with traditional structures, interludes, and everything in between, making both albums deeply engaging.

Devin Shaffer - photo (and cover photo) provided by American Dreams Records

This morning, DC is so happy to premiere the second single from Shaffer's debut, titled Kissing in the Park. It is one of the snap-into-focus moments on her album, clear vocals piercing through haze. While Shaffer's ethereal voice is the single's emphasized feature, clean finger-picking and various field recordings provide backing texture. It is a great listen standing on its own (hear for yourself below), but even better within the context of In My Dreams I'm There. Preorder the album through this link, and check out the first single while you're there. We're excited to hear a lot more from Shaffer in the future, and Kissing in the Park is an impressive early offering.


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