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  • Nathan Yoder

Song Premiere: Carmen Q. Rothwell - Blissful Ignore

For many musicians, songwriting can feel therapeutic - a way to channel energy toward a creative outlet and lose yourself in the process. It's like that for Carmen Q. Rothwell, too, but the accomplished jazz bassist goes a step further, calling songwriting a necessity in her life. Rothwell's upcoming debut album for Ruination Record Co., titled Don't Get Comfy / Nowhere, is filled with songs addressing complicated relationships, family illness, and persistent grief. Constructing these pieces helped Rothwell process difficult life events, and the album's intimate, improvisational nature makes it feel as if this process is playing out in real time, gears turning as the artist sings. This morning, DC is honored to premiere a small piece of Rothwell's Ruination debut: the album's first single, Blissful Ignore.

Despite the album's heavy content, Blissful Ignore is rather bouncy in sound. The melody immediately brought this classic to mind, but Rothwell's approach is much more minimal - you'll only hear the artist's voice, bass, and some background texture. Lyrically, Rothwell sings about her desired distance from a partner while also caring deeply for them. She grapples with this paradox across the track, ultimately hoping for a "blissful ignore." Hear the song in its entirety below.

You can find Carmen Q. Rothwell's Don't Get Comfy / Nowhere available for preorder on Ruination Recoord Co.'s Bandcamp page, linked here. The album is slated for release on August 6th, and we highly recommend hearing all of it.


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