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  • Nathan Yoder

Song Premiere: Andy Aquarius - Chapel

When dreaming up his new album, Chapel, Andy Aquarius decided to travel back to a time before technological tools, where all musicians were minimalists by default. Aquarius had spent years in the German underground scene playing everything from synth pop to psych rock to cinematic ambient, so genre-hopping came naturally to him, as did conceptual experimentation. The result of his dream, after careful composition and recording, is a gorgeous album centered around harp and voice. This morning, DC is excited to premiere the title track and lead single from Aquarius' upcoming work. Chapel (the song) is at first arresting - demanding your attention, and then memorizing - hypnotic and trance-like. No matter your listening location, Aquarius manages to transports us listeners to a different world completely.

Andy Aquarius, photo credit: Yannik Dörnte

Chapel opens with three minutes of solo harp, but Aquarius' plucking is anything but spare. On his homemade instrument (!!!) the musician introduces kaleidoscopic arpeggios which seem to cascade like rushing water. Aquarius' soft voice comes in halfway through the track, occasionally embellished with clean harmonies by his friend Maja Presnell. It feels as if we are sitting in close quarters with the duo - perhaps in the same room, enjoying an intimate performance. Fingers glide across strings so clearly, and voices are just feet away. When the song fades out, present day reality meets us once again, and we wake up as if from a dream. That is, unless you have access to the album's other five tracks. In that case, your journey has only begun.

Have a listen to Chapel below, and find Aquarius' full length available for pre-order on Hush Hush Records by clicking this link.


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