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  • Nathan Yoder

Recommended Listening: Floatie - Voyage Out

There was a lot of incredible music released last week, but here at DC, we thought that three albums rose to the top. Because we are so strapped for time due to other personal and professional obligations, but are also unwilling to ignore any of our three selections, we've come up with a plan. Each album will get its own "mini review" this week - just a few words typed out as the album replays. Since Floatie's Voyage Out runs 27 minutes from start to finish, that's the exact amount of time we'll be taking to craft our thoughts about this indie pop gem.

Yesterday, we rushed to publish our Armand Hammer + The Alchemist "mini-review" before Pitchfork could get a much better, more comprehensive write-up online. It's not like that site and DC are in the same universe AT ALL, but we wanna avoid looking like copy cats. It's the same reason that we publish our AOTY lists in late November (or this year) in early December. We have a lot of fun acting like we're big-time music authorities over here, breaking new bands all the time. Ha!

Though it is no longer one of our major sources of music discovery, Pitchfork does still catch our attention from time to time, and we heard about Floatie through their recent Friday recommendation piece. I (Nathan) have been a big fan of Chicago indie pop since living there years ago, and a few notes into Voyage Out, I could tell that I was in love.

Floatie combines Palm's twisting, intricate rhythms with Mothers' pace and melody. They write smart, angular pop songs that bop along and blend together so tightly. This album, like no other this year, makes me miss live music. Fuck it, let's go first person now because I've got three minutes left to type. I am sure that the Shiny + Water People blend sounds great through festival stage monitors under the midday sun. I'd gladly pay a premium for a Rainier at Mississippi Studios to watch drummer Luc Schutz burn through the last bit of Catch a Good Worm. Though shows seem to be slowly coming back, I'll content myself with a lot of backyard listens this summer. Voyage Out will live in a bluetooth for the time being, but we'll get back out there someday.

I you would like to hear Floatie's Voyage Out (or maybe even buy it), head to Exploding in Sound's Bandcamp page linked here. And check out a song sample below.

Okay, so I cheated and went a little long here. I mean 27 minutes? Come on.


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