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  • Nathan Yoder

Recommended Listening: Betts(JP) - Yosde

This morning's review is going to be short and sweet, partly because I'm on my way out the door to catch a bus to the coast for a few days, but mostly because I've got little to add to the artist's beautifully-detailed track-by-track liner notes, which can be read here.

Betts(JP)'s Yosde is a real zoner. Weaving together ambient guitar and field recordings, the enigmatic sound designer presents five 10-minute constructions - all of which open with some trebly plucks before slowly dissolving into warm drones. Sounds were inspired by a coastal area known for fishing (hey, how serendipitous!), and Betts(JP) attempted to capture this environment with a intentionally minimalist approach. The only tools needed for these sonic postcards were a few voice memos, Garageband for editing, and a bit of delay.

Again, the artist breaks down all five songs on Bandcamp, where you can also stream and purchase Yosde now. Check out a favorite offering below, if you feel so inclined. Stereoscenic Records is a quality source of calming ambiance, and Betts(JP) continues that trend with this oceanic beauty.


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