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  • Nathan Yoder

Pickathon Retrospective

Normally, I would be headed out to Pendarvis Farm this afternoon to celebrate the best weekend of the year. But since nothing is normal in the world, currently, I instead spent this morning scrambling to throw together a "Pickathon Retrospective" playlist. Oh, and forgive all of the paperweights in the photo. It's tough to straighten out rolled up posters.

Now, some notes about this particular 170-song, five-hour compilation:

- It only captures the past eight years of artists. Others in my group have attended Pickathons in the double-digits, but I'm not quite there.

- The playlist runs chronologically, beginning in 2012. However, some years are thinner, as I've had to leave the fest twice to attend weddings. Listen through or shuffle however you'd like.

- These are not necessarily my favorite songs by each artist, but instead, memorable moments from the sets that I attended. Like, I've seen artists such as Hiss Golden Messenger and Ty Segall a million times at Pickathon, but often, I remember an artist's first set the best.

- Many notable artists are not present for a number of reasons. For instance, I was too far away from the stage to enjoy Yo La Tengo, too drunk to enjoy Built to Spill (my bad), and was unimpressed with Foxygen. By the time Dan Deacon rolled through the festival, I was pretty burnt out on his act. I missed so many acts due to scheduling conflicts, and couldn't get in to see Kikagaku Moyo or Black Belt Eagle Scout due to crowding.

- Though there is a variety of music represented, I typically gravitate toward rock, post-punk, and electric-centric acts while at Pickathon. Some of my favorite memories come from watching Parquet Courts, Protomartyr, and Preoccupations. I've never seen Shakey Graves, Lake Street Dive, and Mandolin Orange only once - all of whom are Pickathon staples.

All of this is to say that this playlist represents my own personal favorite memories at Pickathon. I'm sure that yours are different, which is totally cool. Give the playlist a listen if you are feeling nostalgic, or if you have never attended the festival and want to live it through my brain. Maybe put on some sunscreen, a pair of cutoffs, and crack a Rainier.

Here's to past Pickathons, and to Pickathon 2021!


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