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  • Nathan Yoder

One Hour

Since we plan to wrap up 2020 next week with a few "year in music" write-ups, we thought that it might be nice to drop one more curated playlist before that chaos begins. This particular mix was a commission for a different music site back in September, but it never saw the light of day. So here it is now, for you to take in.

Running exactly an hour and meant to be played uninterrupted from start to finish with you as the listener experiencing little external distraction, it is a meditation of sorts. Constructed in a dark room during those hot, sleepless nights this past summer as the West Coast burned, the songs serve as an escape - a way to travel above the fire and smoke. But the reality of loss is also present in this music - Pausal's track serving as a tribute to natural spaces transformed in our wake.

In a year full of noise and movement, hopefully this hour provides, if nothing else, a reason to sit and simply listen.

Thanks, as always, and enjoy.

*Cover photo shows one of two remaining cherry trees in an ancient orchard above Lyle, WA.


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