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  • Nathan Yoder

New Sounds 04/22/2022

Nine albums this week? NINE? Quite a step up from last week's lil list, for sure. I thought about cutting a few of these out for a more focused post, but couldn't land on which ones, so here you have it: the most bloated "New Sounds" post to date.

Since I didn't have enough time to write a summary paragraph about each featured release, I'll simply embed links and preview tracks as I sometimes do when I run up against a deadline. Listed alphabetically, however, it's fun to see alike albums sort of clustered together. First you'll find three diary-style sound collage pieces, the first a self-titled entry and the other two stylized in lowercase. Then a solo piano work right before a couple of gentle, atmospheric offerings. Albums seven and eight crackle and hiss with faded ambiance, and finally, an experimental compilation.

Oh, but there's more! You'll find two bonus albums beneath the nine featured pieces - be sure to check those out as well.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy listening.

Ben Bondy - S/T (Quiet Time)

Jon Porras - Arroyo (Thrill Jockey Records)

Bonus music: last Friday, Luke Wyland shared two songs, naming the release Elegant Spring (though Portland was just hit with a surprise April snow). Both tracks are absolutely gorgeous improvised piano takes, and demonstrate why he's DC's most-featured pianist. In a totally different sonic vein, OKADA's Fragility is one that I missed initially, but circled back to this past week and LOVED. It's a slow-moving vaporous ambient pop album with four extended tracks - a very unique structure for this style of music. Anyway, it stood out to me, so give the 20-minute album opener a listen. I'll embed it below.


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