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New Sounds 04/01/2022

Welcome to another edition of DC's New Sounds - where I (Nathan) share a selection of just-released albums I'm exited to hear across the upcoming weekend. Now, I typically try to include some words alongside each recommendation, but since I spent last weekend taking in a million Treefort sets, and then had to prepare for a bunch of gross job interviews this week, I am pretty behind on my listening. Like, I've still got a pile of titles from last Friday to hear. So instead, I'll simply post eight new music links with sample clips (listed alphabetically, along with a bonus rec at the bottom), and hopefully I can find some time to write next week. But it's no big deal if I don't. This is a hobby blog, after all, not a grind.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by. Oh, and buy some shit today. It's another Bandcamp Friday.

Field Works - Stations (Temporary Residence Ltd.)

Karima Walker - demos (Orindal Records)

more eaze - oneiric (OOH-sounds)

Tomáš Niesner - Bečvou (Warm Winters Ltd.)

Bonus music: Listen, I know I've been highlighting a lot of piano-centric releases lately, but tis the season, right? One more album I loved last week was Melaine Dalibert's Shimmering. The pianist displays a range of playing styles across the work's eight tracks, but my favorite moments are tucked in the more subdued offerings like Six + Six and Mantra. It's all pretty great though, so be sure to check it out.

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Apr 01, 2022

Nathan, have you ever heard of BNDCMPR? You can make playlists of your New Music recs. For example, this week:

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