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  • Nathan Yoder

New Sounds 03/04/2022

Just as I did four weeks ago, right before the last Bandcamp Friday, I've decided to publish DC's "New Sounds" post a day early to beat the media rush. And just as I did three weeks ago, I've opted to embed tracks beneath each pick rather than type album summaries. This is because I'm cooking up another piece to share tomorrow morning. Busy busy busy!

But don't confuse a lack of words with a lack of excitement about these seven releases. I've heard three of them straight through already, and can't wait to hear the other four once they're out tomorrow. So check out the sample tracks below, hit those Bandcamp links, and be sure to bookmark DC's corresponding IG post or revisit this page on Friday when it comes time to support artists directly.

Happy listening!

Allegra Krieger - Precious Thing (Northern Spy Records)

Dao Strom - Redux (Antiquated Future Records)

LEYA - Eyeline (NNA Tapes)

Lia Kohl - Too Small to be a Plain (Skinkoyo / Artist Pool)

Bonus music: This week, I'd like to shout out a couple of Portland-based artists featured above. Dao Strom's Traveler's Ode, a cassette and book combo released a couple years back on Antiquated Future, was my introduction to both the artist and label. It's an incredible piece (or pieces, rather), and you should definitely check it out this Friday. It even looks like there are a few physical copies left on Bandcamp. And Marcus Fischer, one third of Wild Card, was maybe my first ambient music love. Locally, at least. And you know, in like an artist appreciation sorta way. Back in 2017 I got really into his album Loss, and highly recommend it to you all, too.


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