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  • Nathan Yoder

New Sounds 02/11/2022

Welcome back to DC's weekly roundup of new sounds. Below we've highlighted six just-released albums we're looking forward to hearing over the next few days, plus an extra "bonus" selection underneath our top picks. Lots of international artists this week, but a few West-Coasters too.

Typically we offer a few sentences of cutesy description next to each title, but to be completely transparent, I (Nathan) ran out of time before my self-imposed Friday AM deadline. Apologies. You'll just have to trust me this week. I've gotta skedaddle off to school, and need to practice saying "Toussaint Louverture" a bunch before running this 8th grade history lesson.

Actually, to make up for my lack of words, I've simply linked a few sample tracks so you can preview each recommendation before deciding if you wanna commit to a full Bandcamp click.


Läuten der Seele - S/T (Hands in the Dark)

Bonus music: Raum - Daughter (Yellow Electric) - Okay, I can't resist writing a quick note about this one before I'm out the door. Liz and Jefre surprise-released this collaborative album just after I published my New Sounds post last week, so it slipped by unnoticed by the site. But it's stunning. Made up of old recorded footage from a residency the two spent together in Marfa, TX years ago (alongside the late, great Paul Clipson), their creations feel spectral, but also soft-around-the-edges. Sort of hard to explain. What I do know is that it is perhaps my favorite release so far in this young year. Hear a bit for yourself below.


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