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  • Nathan Yoder

New Sounds 01/21/2022

Felt a bit stretched last Friday, so I've opted to publish a leaner post this week. Though my release calendar shows another full slate of new music out today, there are four particular albums I'm especially excited to dig into first. Read about each of them below, and be sure to follow those Bandcamp links as well. As always, I've added a bonus recommendation below the featured selections. Enjoy!

Jake Xerxes Fussell - Good and Green Again - With the help of an impressive cast of Carolina players, Fussell offers up a collection of songs, some classic and others original. Described as "a little sadder and slower" than his past work, the album's advance singles hint that the folk artist's takes shade melancholic, but are absolutely beautiful.

John Thayer - Listening Sky (Aural Canyon) - It seems that both John Thayer and I have had memorably emotional experiences while hiking through Nevada's remote Great Basin region. Originally composed as a commission for a show entitled "This Earth" at the Southern Utah Museum of Art, Thayer now presents his nature-inspired longform piece to a wider audience.

Maria Moles - For Leolanda (Room40) - You'll hear music rooted in Kulintang traditions on Moles' new album, and the Melbourne-based artist opts to blend this distinct rhythmic style with ambient textures. Dedicated to the memory of her mother, Moles' work is sure to be both moving and sonically unique.

Tiago Sousa - Organic Music Tapes Vol. 1 (Discrepant) - By simply reading the song titles "Sitting Quietly Doing Nothing" and "The Taste of Nothingness" and "Mental Laziness" you can tell that this Portuguese pianist is ready to party. Let's all have a restful weekend, shall we?

Bonus music: I'm a big fan of RTR and their nostalgia-tinged ambient releases, and this weekend the UK label will be sharing their yearly sampler. Rusted Tones Recordings Sampler Vol. 5 should pop up on their Bandcamp page on the 23rd, so check back then for some relaxing Sunday sounds.


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