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  • Nathan Yoder

DC Summer Radio - Hour Three

For three consecutive weekends to close out the month of May, DC will be welcoming the warmer, longer days (which are just on the horizon!) with a series of summer "radio hours" to be enjoyed out of doors, on your weekend. Sit on a porch or deck or stoop while you listen. Lounge in a backyard or head down to the park - whatever feels most appropriate to you. The 20 songs featured each week are meant to feel sunny, vibrant, and accessible. Out with the minimalist piano, left field experimental, and dark ambient textures (at least for now), and in with the city pop, bossa nova throwbacks, surf rock, soulful rap, meandering psych, and mainstream indie. Each curated playlist features a good deal of recognizable artists and songs interwoven with a handful of crate-dug deep cuts - an intentionally-constructed patchwork of familiarity with newness. And as with all playlists posted to this site, if you care to listen, please play each one unshuffled.

Week three (embedded below) features my personal entry point into city pop, gold-tinged lo-fi rap, laid back Hawaiian melodies, and an instrumental Appalachian jam. Enjoy and pair it with plastic sunglasses and a cheap beer.

Underneath this final hour, you will find one more playlist including all three combined radio hours for you to enjoy. There are a few extra tracks thrown in there as well. Use it to soundtrack a summer hang (whenever that happens again) and shuffle that playlist if you must.

Larger playlist:


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