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  • Nathan Yoder

"Currently" with Green-House

For DC's "Currently" series, we send an artist five open-ended questions to answer, and when responding, they can elaborate as much or as little as desired. The questions are intended to capture a snapshot moment - what an artist is grappling with, appreciates, and dreams about for the future. Responses are posted verbatim, as soon as they are submitted, so as to provide a platform free of editorial skew.

Our sixth (and likely final) "Currently" entry is from Olive Ardizoni, an LA-based artist who creates organically-tinged ambient environments under their Green-House moniker. Listening to Green-House feels like flopping down in a meadow and spreading out arms and legs snow-angel-style. The music on their EP released last January (what a world ago!) glows with softly warm hues and lush pastoral textures. It is very much alive - a stark contrast to these increasingly bleak, cold days up north. So if ever you need a ray of sunshine in the winter, Green-House is there for you. Or if nothing else, check out their IG page - perhaps the best reservoir of cute animal pics out there right now. Below are their responses to our questions:


- What creative project(s) are you working on?

I just finished my new record that will be released next year! These songs are slightly busier than my ambient EP.

Six Songs for Invisible Gardens was largely inspired by my love for the Japanese environmental music of the 80’s/90’s. The new album has some of that flavor but also takes inspiration from lounge, exotica, and new age. Still, the overall vibe is always about happy critters dancing in a field. :)

- What topics, ideas, or movements interest you?

I love the literary genre of cyberpunk for its concepts on opposing corrupt governments, realizing full genderless body autonomy, and its foreshadowing of a future that often times would not be the path we want to go down. There’s nothing like a good Philip K. Dick story to remind you to put down your phone and stop buying things. I also love the current forest bathing trend that is going on. While I do think it’s gone a little too far (for instance, charging people a ton of money to become certified forest bathing guides), I do think it’s extremely important that we study the effects that plants have on the human body when we are in close contact with them. The movement to call for decolonization practices and the empowerment of indigenous people as the stewards of the land tie into our awakening to the fact that environmental conservation should be a huge priority. I think we are starting to understand the nuances of racism within conservation efforts and how to re-think the way that social justice is connected with environmentalism.

- What music, art, or words do you feel drawn to?

Lately I feel drawn to 1960’s and 70’s lounge music because I love a good Rhodes piano and the jazz influenced vocals. It was a genre of music that was perfect for playing at your dinner party and in a way it’s not that different from ambient ‘wallpaper’ music because it was made to be soothing background music. At the same time, it was meant to be engaged with because it was very structured and it was easy to sing along to. I just find it to be uplifting.

I have also been listening to a lot of 90’s techno like The Prodigy and early Aphex Twin. When I’m tired of music I listen to pure nature sounds which is probably my favorite thing to do.

I have been drawn to rococo aesthetics and medieval aesthetics. Things that encapsulate a maximalist fantasy world to escape to during these difficult times. I like to dress up in rococo or medieval finery and listen to renaissance music.

Fashion is one of my biggest creative outlets and lately I bounce between medieval fashion, A style of Neo rococo street fashion that is based out of Japan called ”Gothic Lolita”, And 90’s cyberpunk fashion inspired by the movie Hackers.

- What self-care practices are you finding helpful?

Hiking. I love to go hiking when I can.

Avoiding my phone. Most of us are addicted to our phones and it’s not our fault.

Qi-gong videos to follow along to on YouTube.

- What do you dream about, for days ahead?

I dream about people coming together to build better communities than before so that we can work to dismantle white supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy. I dream about participating more in the type of activism that takes place outside of the isolation that is social media. I dream about people moving beyond the guilt, shame, and the fear of being told they have done something harmful preventing them from trying to do better. I dream that I can unlearn my own defensive behavior so that I can be a better member of my community.

I also dream of traveling to see the redwoods. :)

- You can find Ardizoni's work through their Bandcamp page, including the excellent Six Songs for Invisible Gardens. Cover picture taken from the link above, and hear a sample of Green-House's music below:


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