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  • Nathan Yoder

Album Preview - Snowdrops - Volutes

Snowdrops is the experimental chamber project of renowned ondist Christine Ott and mellotronist Mathieu Gabry (both of whom also play piano expertly). On their gorgeous new release, Volutes, they are joined by violist Anne-Irène Kempf in creating seven compositions which seem to breathe, bringing to life emotions of longing and ache (natural for the artists' chosen instrumentation), but also curiosity and even joy.

It is Kempf, the featured guest, who opens up the first minute of the album on her own, But as the first variation of Comma builds, and both Ott and Gabry join, it becomes very clear that these three musicians are perfect when playing together. The opener is a highlight, but the fourth track, Éloge De L'Errance (which translates to "In Praise of Wandering") is another standout. It and the following track, Inception, feel a bit more abstract, at times meshing the players' performances together to form a more balanced sound. The artists have worked on film scores in the past, and it is evident on Volutes as they use textures and production techniques to emote diverse moods over the course of the album. Ott, Gabry, and Kempf wind down the album how it began, with a different variation of Comma. It serves as a neat book-end, though you can assume with how naturally they collaborate, it will not be their last time playing together.

Volutes is out this Friday through the ever-excellent, Injazero Records, and preview a sample track below.


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