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  • Nathan Yoder

Album Preview - Jordan Reyes - Sand Like Stardust

Both sand and stardust represent the infinite and fleeting at once. Over seven quintillion grains of sand are scattered across our planet, yet it sifts through the cracks between our fingers so quickly. We are made of stardust, collected across the universe, but we exist in our bodies for only a relative moment. This duality defines Jordan Reyes' sophomore release, Sand like Stardust, a concept album documenting human expression over the course of a single day. It is a haunting, yet achingly beautiful piece from sun up to sun down.

On his first album, Reyes used only eurorack synthesizer, but knew that on Sand Like Stardust, he wanted to explore a more organic sound. The album opens with only his looped vocals on The Pre Dawn Light, but over the next few tracks he adds guitars - acoustic, electric, and steel. Near the middle of the album (or the day if we are tracing the concept), An Unkindness brings quite an unexpected jolt, driving away morning fog, and some horns and keys begin to get added into the mix. Afternoon fades to dust eventually, and the album's second-to-last track is its best. As the Sun Dips is tender and melancholic, Reyes' vocals returning over a simple repeated melody. Finally, he closes the album with a unique rendition of a traditional lullaby, completing the day.

It's hard to put Sand Like Stardust into the box of a genre, but there are shades of experimental and ambient country found throughout. At certain points, however, the music feels almost liturgical - sounds you might hear echoing off church walls. In any case, hear for yourself this Friday when it's out through American Dreams Records. You can find it here, and preview a song below.


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