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  • Nathan Yoder

Album Preview - Benjamin Finger & James Plotkin - We Carry the Curse

If you're a last-minute planner, scrambling to find background music to soundtrack the creepiest holiday of the year, look no further. Experimental musicians Benjamin Finger and James Plotkin have you covered. Though our reviews at DC typically tread on the lighter side of ambient music, We Carry the Curse is pure darkness, and we couldn't resist having a listen given the season we're in. Across four melancholic soundscapes totaling 40 minutes, Finger and Plotkin take us down into shadow via We Carry the Curse, to depths which little light can penetrate.

Though there are elements of drone through the four long-form tracks found on We Carry the Curse, each track is filled with unique texture. The composers invite cello on opening and closing tracks, and on album capstone Bound Together, the static tones slowly disintegrate into full collapse. The Untold Wake is the piece featuring the most minor undulations, but the title track carries up and down quite a bit, and is even delicately beautiful at points. The light is fleeting, however. This is a Roman Numeral release, after all, so what would you expect? Finger and Plotkin have collaborated to make a masterful dark ambient work here, so make sure to give it a listen this weekend. It can be found on Friday through the link above, just in time for Halloween. Below, you can view a preview medley:


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