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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - William Cashion - Postcard Music

William Cashion, bassist for Future Islands, just released his debut solo album - a collection of 11 vignettes evoking nature-based nostalgia. Mostly written and recorded over a month spent at the Outer Banks of North Carolina after a grueling tour, Cashion explained that he wanted Postcard Music to feel like a day spent in the water at the beach - blissed out and a little sunburnt. And really, when you close your eyes, many of the tracks feel exactly like that. But, just as easily, the listener can project their own personal memories atop these instrumental tracks. Though most songs have aquatic titles, Whalehead can feel like driving through a winding mountain pass, Vizcaya like reclining on the hood of a car and stargazing, and South Atlantic like swishing through a field to collect flowers. That's the beauty of Postcard Music - Cashion has molded an album using his own snapshots, but the sounds speak to something much more universal.


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