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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - water feature - in the world generally

Tasty Morsels is a record label of sorts, but one that does not actually distribute physical copies of albums, promote tours, or make any money, really. Because of the enigmatic and anti-capitalist nature of this media-sharing initiative, some members of the Tasty Morsels collective define themselves as more of a "circle" or "club" - one that shares art freely on the internet through zip files and other under-the-radar methods. It's difficult to track down information on the organization, really, or any of the artists who release music under the label, which is intentional on their part.

Their catalogue is eclectic and absolutely worth a deep dive, but last Tuesday, without fanfare, the most recent Tasty Morsels release was posted to their site. The 33-minute sound collage is homemade by a group calling themselves "water feature" and it is "decorated as a garden to be preserved for ever for the free use and enjoyment of the public." And that's it. The music on the album itself is beautiful - a seamless mix of nature-based field recordings, organic instrumentation, tape hiss, and warm synths. The melodies fade in and out - like spinning the dial on an old radio, trying to land on any clear signal. It's one of the best releases of 2020 so far, in this writer's opinion, and is just another example of the fantastically interesting sounds coming from Tasty Morsels.


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