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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - Tristan Eckerson - Decades

Solo piano has claimed a lot of space in these early days of Deepest Currents, and while this past Friday rendered a standout electronic album from A.A.L. as well as an inspired improvisational guitar piece from Elkhorn, Tristan Eckerson has brought piano to the top once again. Across his excellent new album, Decades, this Cincinnati-based composer plays with a sense of deliberation, each note seeming to be chosen with deep care and intention. Much like Eluvium's Pianoworks released last year, Eckerson's compositions found on this album are soft and stripped down, with ambient background noise even peeking through in certain moments, which simply adds to a feeling of intimacy between the music and listener. While all nine works are beautiful, a three-song stretch in the middle of the album (Oslo, Dolores Park, and Decades) showcases some of the best melodies of 2020 thus far.


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