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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - Medhane - FULL CIRCLE

An exciting up-and-coming artist out of New York, Medhane shows off his lyrical and production chops over the fifteen minute blur that is FULL CIRCLE. Both the backing beats and Medhane's delivery convey a sort of woozy vibe, like stepping out into the sun after day drinking with friends indoors. Perhaps this is due to the slowed-down, crackling samples which repeat again and again over a single track, or maybe it's the rapper's freestyle-like flow over the snippets, but highlights like I WAS JUST IN THE MARA (featuring maassai) and 4EVAFADED send the listener spinning just a bit. Don't be confused by Medhane's laid-back style or brevity, though. He speaks his mind over the album's eight tracks, and makes every bar count.


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