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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - Kin Leonn and Hiroshi Ebina - Faraway Vicinity

Typically, these weekly recommendations spotlight full-length albums, but this collaborative EP was just too good to pass up. Creative sound artists Kin Leonn and Hiroshi Ebina join forces on Faraway Vicinity to paint four landscapes, blending field recordings with human-made instrumentation. Insect noises captured in the Malaysian jungle, wind passing through leaves, and faint ocean swells cycle under glockenspiel, kalimba, and piano, as the artists (in their words) attempt to "transmute city dross into pastoral romance." A secluded channel best captures this sentiment, and is the album's standout composition. And closing track, Leaving home for the fields, serves as a reminder that while many people have felt severed from the natural world during the past few months, that emotional connection still exists within many of us. Overall, the EP is a stunning collaborative display, and hopefully Kin Leonn and Hiroshi Ebina's musical relationship continues to blossom in the form of many future projects.


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