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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - Kahlil Blu - Dog

It's been a banner year for New York rap. Medhane's FULL CIRCLE and then Cold Water, as well as MIKE's just-released Weight of the World each showcase creative streaks in the city's musical output, and now Harlem rapper Kahlil Blu has added his own album to the mix. Dog includes Kahlil Blu's best work to date. On his Bandcamp page he writes, "This album is about my life. Everything I've learned about myself. My thoughts. The pain I've went through. The happiness, sadness everything. Every song is a moment in life that reflects a mood. I tried to make this album as versatile as I am." Versatile is the perfect word to describe Blu, as he flexes varying rapping, singing, and production skills across the twenty tracks on Dog. Highlights runway talk (feat. MAVI), melwood, and Land all sound distinctly unique, as if created by three different artists, but that's just Blu showing what he's capable of. It's the culmination of hard, emotional work, and a very impressive addition to his city's 2020 victory lap.


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