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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - Fools - Fools' Harp, Vol. 1

Fools is the solo project of Christopher Bear, a multi-instrumentalist for the indie-experimental darlings Grizzly Bear. He has also performed with Dirty Projectors and Beach House, and in effect, claimed a sizable chunk of poster space in my college dorm room. While his four-piece band produces a signature brand of tightly-composed chamber-pop, Bear's debut offering meanders in an out of various improvisations, following his musical intuitions.

Fools' Harp, Vol. 1 is the culmination of six weeks of solo jamming during the summer of 2019. Weary of traditional song structures, Bear recorded these sessions and has now released them into the world in what he sees as a sort of "mixtape" format - snippets into that creative time period. According to the artist, these recordings are intended to feel comforting, but also inspire curiosity. Fools' Harp was recorded in a very different world, only a year ago, but it can transport the listener to a place of lightness. The "mixtape" is a soothing listen during times like these, and a standout track, Dolpherde, closes it perfectly.


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