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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - Black Noi$e - OBLIVION

Detroit producer Black Noise's OBLIVION plays like a compilation, his trademark distorted loops and samples crackling underneath 11 different artists over the album's 13 tracks. The first non-Earl Sweatshirt release on the rapper's Tan Cressida label, Black Noi$e expertly matches woozy beats to each featured guest's style, amounting to what is a dynamic and engaging 24-minute listen.

The the most interesting aspect of OBLIVION is Black Noi$e's production, but certain features stand out too. Both MIKE and Earl's tracks hold the signature sLUms vibe. According to Liv.e, she "mumbled some shit" for her track in a greenroom while trap blared through the walls, and it ended up bing the album's first single. The strongest stretch of OBLIVION is includes duendita's and Pink Siifu's back-to-back songs, delivered so smoothly. And while fellow Detroiter Danny Brown's 1999 is a bit underwhelming, Chattanooga's BbyMutha kills it on her feature, the very next track, Mutha Magick. Black Noi$e's OBLIVION can be found on streaming platforms, but he also released a full visual companion, which provides a unique way to experience his music. Both album and video are embedded below.


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