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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - Andrew Wasylyk - Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation

Andrew Wasylyk is a composer, but also a geographer and preservationist of sorts. Hailing from Scotland, he writes music influenced by memory and place, and his most recent album, Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation, is the third in a trio which map out corners of his home country. As a versed multi-instrumentalist, he uses harp, rhodes, guitar, piano, percussion, and some choice horns over ten songs to create lush, cinematic grooves, which even when subdued feel warm and round on the edges. Like modern Laurel Canyon artists a half world away who seek to channel a certain nostalgia, Wasylyk is a master of transporting the listener to romantic times and places they have never been. He references waning sun, shimmering waters, quiet autumn, and cemetery silhouettes, which are universal in a sense, but specific scenes to him as an artist. Last Sunbeams of Childhood and (Half-light Of) The Cadmium Moon are absolute highlights, but listening to the album in its entirety is highly recommended.


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