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  • Nathan Yoder

Video Premiere: Anarchist Mountains Trio - Conspiracy Means Breathing Together

We love getting music recommendations here at DC, especially since a huge amount of work slips past us unnoticed. We really try to stay on top of artist and label announcements, but in this golden age of streaming platforms and independent publishing, it can be tough. Albums are especially difficult to track during the busy spring and fall release seasons, so we always appreciate heads-up messages from friends and trusted sources.

About a month back, when we were drowning in March releases, the fine folks at A Closer Listen sent us a Bandcamp link to a group calling themselves the "Anarchist Mountains Trio." We were intrigued, but since we had so much going on at the time, their February release ended up on our "to revisit" list. And sadly, we didn't get around to it.

Then about a week back, Stefan Christoff (one half of the duo-turned-trio) reached out with a video premiere opportunity. This reminded us to finally listen to La terra et la force, and of course, we thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. The warm textures spread across the album's six tracks capture a summer day spent in Montreal, and the video that DC is so fortunate to premiere this morning provides some visual accompaniment to that day. About the footage, the artists explain:

"This video/sound collaboration is part of an ongoing sonic dialogue that informs the Anarchist Mountains project, the creation of sonic landscape beyond borders by brothers Jordan and Stefan Christoff. For this collaboration filmmaker Samer Najari overlays footage to create a sense of the imaginary to accompany a sonic exploration that is built on intuitively orchestrated layers, within which we hear Jordan on synth, Stefan on electric guitar, accompanied by Joseph Sannicandro, who contributes electronics and street sounds from his travels around the world."

Above: a still from the video, done by Samer Najari.

So without further ado, the video premiere for the album's fourth track, Conspiracy Means Breathing Together:

To stream + purchase Anarchist Mountains Trio's full album La terra et la force, released by the Bulgaria-based AMEK Collective, click here. If you missed it back in February, like I did, it is worth your time to circle back. And finally, a big "thank you" to all parties who put this album + song + video on our radar. Good looking out.


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