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  • Nathan Yoder

Album Preview - zakè - Geneva

Though zakè is the credited artist here, prolific Indianapolis-based ambient label Past Inside the Present is releasing an album tomorrow which feels a bit more like a compilation. On Geneva, zakè took the unique approach of sharing base loops with nine different artists, who then grew and twisted them into new blossoms from that original bud. The lineup includes PITP veterans but also some exciting voices fresh to the imprint, meaning the remixes feature some sounds familiar, and others new.

Each of the nine artists manipulate zakè's loop, blending it with their own signature styles. There's the glacially-paced Hotel Neon opener and the lushly green Benoit Pioulard track. A couple of remixes bounce, surprisingly - The Sight Below and worriedaboutsatan choose to utilize uptempo beats. Poemme, who is one of the newcomers to the label, has a standout feature - a curious rework featuring a good dose of hiss, and are those strings on the Andrew J Klimek closer?

According to the press release, the artists on Geneva were carefully selected for their prominence in the ambient scene and their positive impact on the genre, and it seems that both zakè and PITP chose well. It's a great entry point into a impressive catalogue, and a good album to lead with tomorrow when it's out. You can find it here on Friday, along with other excellent Past Inside the Present releases.


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