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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - Ratgrave - Rock

Sometimes an album emerges out of nowhere and is so stylistically different than whatever else you are immersed in, that you can't forget it. A number of stellar releases came out this past Friday, but none were quite like Ratgrave's Rock. Is it Thundercat playing vaporwave? Is it a rehash of the corny opening moments of Yes' Owner of a Lonely Heart? Is it the background of an office HR video from 1982 for god's sake? Whatever it reminds you of, the sound is both derivative and unique at once, and completely captivating. For a bit of background, Ratgrave is a duo who cite jazz rock and video games as influences, as well as various strands of psych. on their Soundcloud page, the band notes that Rock captures elements of P-funk and spiritual jazz, as well as pop and beyond. You can find hints of all of these and more when listening to the album straight through, and perhaps these eclectic songs will pick you right up on this Monday.


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