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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - Max Ananyev - Midday

Often times, ambient music consumers tie the genre to settling dusk, quiet nighttime, or perhaps even early morning hours before the world wakes up. But Max Ananyev's new minimalist album is titled "Midday" - a time when many of us are bustling about and still have a few hours left to grind. His warm, shimmering compositions feel like the sun overhead, beckoning us to recline and rest in the heat of the day.

The collection of songs found on Midday showcase quite a diverse array of sound, which is a somewhat uncommon characteristic of a minimalist ambient album. Instead of opting for a consistent aesthetic, Ananyev utilizes guitar, piano, chimes, bells, and various electronics to create portraits that when put together, feels almost like a multi-artist compilation. Highlights include Palace on a Hill, a trebly guitar exploration, and Elixir, the delicate closer, but also Psychopomp, which evokes an afternoon walk through a village square. For such a serene album, Midday moves, so perhaps as you are settling back into work after a lunch break this week, it will be a welcome companion. Or conversely, it will inspire a midday nap, which isn't the worst idea either.


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