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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Soundkeeper

Listening to Soundkeeper, the new double-LP and fourth collaborative offering from guitarist Steve Gunn and drummer John Truscinski, is a journey. It feels this way partially due to the album's length and musicians' meandering pace, but also because of the diversity of sound the duo explores. Across the album's twelve jams, you can hear hints of Americana, cosmic psychedelia, Krautrock, Delta blues, and so much more. Masters of their own instruments, Gunn and Truscinski always play together so naturally, and here they've graciously allowed us to ride along.

At times, Soundkeeper is defined by blasts of noisy feedback like you'd hear in a basement practice space, and at other times, the music is so stripped-back and beautifully spare that you feel guilty for eavesdropping in. The album's two focal points, Pyramid Merchandise and then the title track, both clock in at over ten minutes and capture the two ends of this sonic spectrum. But the two shorter songs sandwiched in between those colossal cuts stood out to this listener. Northwest is the first time that Gunn brings out his steel (it makes appearances in later songs, too) and with it, he washes away the intense energy of previous pieces. Then on Ocean City, Truscinski paces us along a lazy boardwalk stroll, sun shining overhead. These tracks, as well as Curtain and Windows, are welcome moments of calm. Not that the noise is unwelcome, though. Really, whatever these two dream up and share is wonderful to hear and to experience. Check it out below.


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