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  • Nathan Yoder

Album of the Week - Glåsbird - Norskfjǫrðr

Glåsbird makes musical postcards - compositions defined by place. In the past, the artist's location-themed albums captured the desolate, frozen landscapes of the Arctic - first Greenland, then Svalbard. But while Glåsbird's first two releases felt as chilly as their namesakes, Norskfjǫrðr has warmer moments. For this album, the artist imagined a trip north to the edge of the sea, stopping to collect field recordings from inside abandoned cabins, as well as outside in the thaw. Organic instrumentation is featured heavily throughout Norskfjǫrðr, which is likely why the album feels a bit warmer than previous releases. Like listening to Lilien Rosarian's outstanding 2019 album, a day in bel bruit, sitting with this album is a curious experience. You can almost imagine traveling with the artist as a guide, meandering across the countryside and occasionally stopping at points of interest. Eventually, Glåsbird winds down the album with two highlights, Søvnfjord and Endeligfjord, which brings the journey to a beautiful close.


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