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  • Nathan Yoder

A DC Mix by Guest Curator Stefan Christoff

One of the joys of running DC has been building relationships with folks across the global music community, and another (related) joy is listening to all of their random recommendations. Stefan Christoff has been a friend of the site for a few years now, and today I have the great pleasure of sharing an hour-long mix he curated especially for Deepest Currents. Here's what he wrote about the mix:

This mix is an original for Deepest Currents that highlights a bunch of wonderful artists with strong links to independent creative spaces in Montreal. Also, I highlighted tracks from a bunch of my recent releases. This mix aims to highlight some of the diverse mind space creativity that still holds on strong in Montreal. Thank you for listening and to Nathan for the opportunity to share these selections!

01. T. Gowdy - Transcend II

02. Anarchist Mountains Trio - A Free Palestine Dream

03. Mue - Ambeing

04. Sarah Pagé - Premiers pas au Marécage

05. Jean Couteau - When Will They Come

06. SnP 500 - Rec 2020

07 Zombik - Caloia - Wiens - Always a way Kid

08. Stefan Christoff - Level

09. Stefan Christoff - Conversations

10. Stefan Christoff - A silver digital glitch

11. Stefan Christoff - Night Treeline

12. Stefan Christoff and Sam Shalabi - Revolution in Orbit

*Cover photo by Rickie Leach.

Stefan Christoff (@spirodon / @spirochristoff) is a musician, community organizer and media maker in Montreal.

A big thanks to Stefan for the mix, and for all he does within independent music communities.


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